Online Payments

You may choose to pay online (which includes a $4) fee or you can pay with a check or cash on your first day of class.

Summer Day Camp Pricing


(6 hours of instruction)

 1 Day Camp

Purchase 1 Day camp and the registration fee is $80

(including supplies)


(12 hours of instruction)

2 Day Camp Deal!

Purchase 2 day camps at once and you will receive a $20 discount off your registration fee!

1 Day Camp: $65

2 Day Camps: $125

Group Discounts!

If you come with a friend or a sibling, each student can take $15 off of their registration fee. To earn the discount, students must attend class on the same date. If the student is attending 1 day camp, their price will be $65. If the student is using the 2 day camp deal, their price will be $125

Kid, Teen, Adult Weekly Class Pricing


(6 hours of instruction)

Kid/Teen Weekly Class


(6 hours of instruction)

Adult Weekly Class


(12 hours of instruction)

$20 off when you buy 2 months at once

2 Month Discount!

Lesson Pricing


(2 hours of instruction)

Individual Lesson


(2 hours of instruction for two students)

Couple's Lesson


(2 hours of instruction for 3-4 students)

Group Lesson

Party Pricing


(Up to 10 Painters)

Kids Party

$40 per Guest

(6-9 Painters)

Small Adult Party

$35 per Guest

(10+ Painters)

Large Adult Party

If the price option you are looking for can't be found below, please press  the "Buy Now" button. It will take you to our Paypal account where you can enter the amount you are trying to pay.

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